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Best API To Use For Your Next Project

Instead of creating your own API, it is better if you use a pre-made one like the ones we recommend.

Software Developer – The First Steps to take

Programming is not easy, but that’s not what beginners want to hear, is it? being a great developer is a great goal, but you have to put in the work required. In this blog post we will discuss the first steps that you have to take and the skills you have to master if you…
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Is learning Desktop Development A Good Choice ?

Developing web and mobile apps is what 99% of new developers do. But they forget that Desktop Development has more importance in big companies.

Best Laptops Of 2021 For Computer Science Students

For computer science students, one of the most important things is having good laptops. Though it isn’t that important for the studies themselves, it will help you when you want to learn new things on your own. It is obvious that these two last years have been the years of AMD with their 4th and…
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How To Make VIM A Perfect Code Editor ?

using a Code editor is cool and all. but using vim as your editor is just on a whole other this guide we help you do that.

Are Design Patterns Important in Development ? How ?

Developing huge applications involves working with big code bases, using design patterns can make the code easier to read and modify.

Which is the better learning resource YouTube vs Books ?

When learning a new skill, you sometimes get stuck in the tutorial hell, or even worse you don’t know where to start. online resources vs books ?

If the code works don’t fix it

If the code Works don’t touch it. is the worst advice you can give a newbie developer

Best Projects To Have in Your Portfolio

when applying for job positions or even looking to freelance. you must have a portfolio that shows your future employer your projects.

7 Deadly Sins Of Programming – Mistakes You Should Avoid

When programming there are certain rules that should be followed, and you don’t you fall into these mistakes.

Business Intelligence – An Important Tool

Analyzing Huge Amounts of data can be challenging but using a Business Intelligence solution can prove to be very useful to improve the business.