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Remote Work is The Next Big Thing

Remote work, it started once the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, those who were lucky to have jobs able to do that were the chosen few. These days even with the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases, remote work is starting to get more and more traction. In this blog post we’re going to discuss the Reasons, Advantages,…
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APIs & How To Create Your Own With .NET Minimal API

When you start your development journey there are certain words that stick with you from start to finish. Algorithm, Data Structure … etc. These words start loosing their relevance once you get more advanced. But there is a word that becomes even more relevant at this stage and that’s API. API this, API that, is…
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Interesting Tech For Programmers From CES 2022

there has been a lot of tech reveals in this CES 2022 and in this blog post we are going to discuss the most interesting ones for developers.

Recap of The Best Laptops Of 2021

2021 has been an even more difficult year for tech, especially for computer parts, laptops and more, from scalper to shortages, it was a war.

I Have Some Interesting Plans For 2022

in this blog post i talk about the different plans i have for 2022 for the blog, YouTube channel and others. also my goals

Working With Google APIs OAuth2 In C#

You probably wanted to work with google client API once and got very lost because you didn’t know how to get OAuth2 to work properly. In this blog post I’m going to take you through the steps you have to take to get OAuth2 Working flawlessly in your application. In my case I’m working on…
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The Right Way To Start Your Programming Project

We’ve all been there, you started to code your next million dollar idea and then you find yourself needing to add functionalities you haven’t thought of, classes that might not have been needed and even working with the wrong database for this project needs. That’s a very big problem that not only beginners face but…
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What Makes A Perfect Laptop ?

We make out own laptop using features from across the laptop landscape. this laptop that we create is an objectively perfect laptop

What We Learned From The Latest Apple Macbook Pro Event

On Apple’s latest even the new macbooks were revealed containing the best processors apple has produced.

Best Mobile Development Frameworks For Your Next Project

With the increased usage of smartphones, mobile development is becoming more and more popular, here are some framework you might want to use.

How To Become a Better Software Developer ?

It’s not easy to become a developer, what’s even harder is how to become an even better developer. In this blog posts we’ve taken a look at what experienced developers had to say about this, and compiled them here. There are three aspects : Physical, Mental and Technical improvements that you can do to be…
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How To Make Money On The Side As A Developer

If you are a beginner developer and yet to have a job, getting money from side income can be very helpful. In this blog we will give you a list of ideas you can apply to get some side income. I don’t completely believe in passive income, as you must put at least some effort…
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