Best API To Use For Your Next Project

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Best API To Use For Your Next Project

APIs are an important source of data, though creating one yourself maybe a bit of hassle.

If you are trying to learn a new front-end framework like React, Vue Or even Blazor so having some ready to use data is always a useful thing.

In this blog post we will recommend APIs That you can use for your project.

While having your own back-end is better, trying with APIs First is a very good exercise to begin.

Fake Store API

Fake Store API

fakeStoreApi is a free online REST API that you can use whenever you need Pseudo-real data for your e-commerce or shopping website without running any server-side code.

E-Commerce applications are very popular these days, though there are ready to use solutions like NopCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify… etc. It is still interesting to have it as a template for some freelance work or even for your own portfolio.

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According to the official website : is a series of web-based meteorological forecast products

It is a great API to start your Portfolio’s Next Project.

This would be amazing if you could make amazing designs for your web app or even better, a mobile app.

Mobile Specs API

If you like Technology, this API is perfect for you.

This API contains details about smartphone manufactures with specifications of each phone.

You can use this API to create a website like GSMArena.

Sports API

For this Category, There are a lot of APIs that you can use depending on the sport you are interested in.

Here are three interesting ones :

Decathlon Sports API : Contains a lot of data about a lot of sports.

And this can be very useful when creating a general sports website.

Decathlon Developer API

SuredBits : For American Football And NFL Data.

BallDontLie : Contians NBA Related Data.

BallDontLie API


An API that gives you the latest video game deals and sales.

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