I Have Some Interesting Plans For 2022

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I Have Some Interesting Plans For 2022

2022 is just around the corner and from now on, before the start of every year i will do a blog post like this explaining my goals and what i want to do for that year.

we will also be looking at last years stats and deduce some important lessons that’ll hopefully help me improve more.

we’ll be taking a look at the YouTube statistics of the last 2 years, because the blog is rather new and doesn’t have enough statistics.

So Here Are The Stats, Note : the one where the year is highlighted is for 2021 but it shows 2020 for some reason ?

From the stats we can say that the channel wasn’t doing bad in the first year. But then i wasn’t uploading much which caused the stats to plummet.


  • The more you post the more people subscribe : It is obvious i guess that the more videos you put out. It is more likely they are to get recommended to people that are interested in that topic. The more people watch the more likely they subscribe.
  • Tutorials are no Longer relevant : not to say i won’t be posting tutorials here on the blog. But on a YouTube channel it is very important to keep the people interested in your content. Thanks to trashy social media apps making people’s attention spans very short, no one wants to sit though a 20 video – 20 min tutorial series.
  • Quantity Over Quality : i mean these days everyone has good cameras, lighting … etc.
  • Quality Over Quality : in these rare scenarios the quality of the content makes people share it.
  • Bringing Viewers From External Platforms .
  • Short videos are here to stay : short attention span.

Plans For YouTube

Let’s Forget about the lessons and talk about the 2022 Plan for the channel :

There will be 3 types of videos varying in length :

10+ Min Documentary Style Videos : most of these videos will have a script posted to the blog way before it’s publishing on the channel.

These 10 min videos will be the focal point of the channel. I Will try to post at least one a month where i talk in depth about a certain topic.

I Already have a list of topics for this year, but you also can recommend topics in the comments.

2-7 Min Videos : where i talk about things i found interesting

Less than 2 Min Videos : Either short videos talking about tech or programming questions answered very fast.

and if there are any update or things that happen to change the plans of the YouTube channel i will obviously make a video about them.

Plans For Blog

This blog is the newest addition to my content creation platforms so it is still in testing ground.

But the plan is simple for this one, i want to make at least 1 blog post per 2 week period. So if i make more it is to reach the 26 Blog at least per year.

And obviously for every video you will most likely find a blog post discussing it in a way or another.


I would love to focus on making content full time, but currently there is no revenue and that’s what keeps me on the grind to at least generate end’s meat.

At least 200 subscribers on YouTube and 50 Subscribers on the newsletter project ( haven’t made it yet ).

So i hope that everyone that reads this blog post at least bookmarks the website and check in once in a while.

That’s all for today, have a nice week.

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