Remote Work is The Next Big Thing

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Remote Work is The Next Big Thing

Remote work, it started once the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, those who were lucky to have jobs able to do that were the chosen few. These days even with the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases, remote work is starting to get more and more traction.

In this blog post we’re going to discuss the Reasons, Advantages, Inconveniences and how you can get yourself ready to work from home.

There are two ways you can work from home :

  • Either work for yourself : Freelance, YouTube channel, Blog … etc
  • Work remotely for your current job.

The Reasons

Why would anyone work remotely?, here are some of the reasons you might want to do it:

Remote Work Increases Productivity : there was a study done by Standford that showed an increase of 13% in their productivity and performance.

Operational Costs : there aren’t that much cost to hiring if your workers already have their desk setups and work setups, even if they don’t by buying them all the requirements for remote work you can keep your talented workers for longer.

Global Expansion : why hire from a small city when you can hire from over the world, and on the other side why look for jobs in a small area when you can work at companies across the globe.


No Commute : no more getting stuck in traffic, no more getting to the office late. You just wake up, take all the time you need and then go to your office and start the work.

Fluid Schedule : your own schedule especially if you are working for yourself, you wake up on whatever hour you want, you workout, get to your home office and take all the time you need before you start working.

Work Anywhere : well this one is self explanatory.

Costs : no commutes, no gas and everything you need from coffee, food and whatever is available at home.

Office Stress And Distractions : no one will talk to you and distract you from your work, you can focus on the work 100%.


Distractions at home : well, you certainly has gotten rid of the distractions at the office, but now you have to manage distraction from your home office.

Work Life Balance : because you are at home, you will have that urge to stop working and just watch a movie or play a video game, go outside and other activities that can make you work less.

Isolation : interaction between you and your co-workers, brainstorming is what makes the companies grow, so having no interaction can have some very negative effects on your mental health.

How To Setup For Remote Work

Prepare a Setting : prepare a separate room for your remote work if possible, as this will mostly remove the distractions from home, make this room as comfortable as possible with multiple sitting places so that you don’t have to stay at the same desk for your working hours.

Dress Up : even if you aren’t going to the office, it is a good habit to dress up like you are going in person, this will be your “Work” toggle so that you stop thinking about distractions.

Organise Yourself : always have a schedule, it is recommended you get a white board where you can brainstorm, schedule and organise all your tasks.

Communicate : if you are far from the company, communication is key to your success, so always have an ongoing meet with your co-workers if you are working on the same task, maybe a morning meet to discuss your assigned tasks and progress. Overall, it is good to have some form of human interaction when remote working.


Though remote working is cool and all, some people might be better off working at the office.

Remote work can also be useful for people with side hustles.

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