Which is the better learning resource YouTube vs Books ?

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Which is the better learning resource YouTube vs Books ?

Learning Books vs Internet

If you are learning a new skill you are sometimes stuck between choosing books or watching video tutorials and courses on YouTube.

So which one should you choose ?

Obviously a combination of the two is the perfect way to learn. But the most important one is your own attempts.

Programming is a skill and the only way you can acquire it is by trying things on your own. Getting help from other resources are just there to show you the right path. The rest you have to do on you own.

Efficient learning ?

These steps aren’t rules so you can add ones or remove as you wish. But we recommend you stick with them as they are.

First of all, you need to have a problem you want to solve.

  1. Try to solve it on your own : having a problem doesn’t mean you don’t have a solution. so try your best with the help of your previous experiences.
  2. Check the documentation : is this something that already has a solution, if so then you are good to go.
  3. Search Online : do a quick search online to see what other people tried and if it would help you. Don’t copy their code but try to come up with your own.
    • Tip : try to look up this problem in different languages like literally ( either different speaking languages or programming languages )
    • Give it a try before the next step, usually this is where you will find your answer
  4. Watch A Video : try to search for a more general topic than what you actually have. Sometimes searching about the exact problem doesn’t show results.
    • Try Again with your new knowledge.
  5. Books : These are usually more detailed than videos and contain more information.

Even if you reach the last step you can go back and maybe even share your results with other people online.

You can repeat these steps as many times as you have though don’t take too long on each step, and whatever new information you get note it down

In Conclusion, every resource is useful but knowing how and when to use them will help you way more.

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