Password Safe

Password Safe

What is Password Safe

A Desktop Application for Enterprises To Manage Their Device’s Accounts And Passwords.

you can find the code here :


The Login Page, So only the admin can access the database even though it is put in a shared folder.

The Main Window Containing All The Functions of the desktop application.

You Can Add New Groups/ Sections Using Either The menu or right click in the tree view.

The Group Details Can be Edited Using the group details drop down where you can change the icon and the group title. then clicking on save will save it to the database.

Clicking on the add user button will add a user with some default information. and the show the account details view where you can change the details.

You can also search using either one of the name attributes or one of the address attributes.

A Settings Page to Change the location of the database if needed and to change the user name and password.

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