Best Projects To Have in Your Portfolio

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Best Projects To Have in Your Portfolio

As a computer science student or a newbie developer in general, having a great a portfolio can get you very far ahead of everyone else.

Especially if you are looking for job positions or even freelancing by showing Projects that you have done.

But the one thing that we all face is what to put in the portfolio because there is a lot of choice when it comes to project ideas.

In this blog post i will give you 3 projects that you are expected to have nowadays and 3 unique project ideas that you probably never thought of…maybe.

3 Expected Project Ideas

A Fully Functioning Blog

Though blogs aren’t that useful to make these days thanks to CMSs. It is still a worth while project for beginners where they will can learn the basics of database manipulation, using libraries, creating functional user interfaces and much more.

*Expect A Tutorial : “How to create a blog in .NET” coming soon

Les meilleures plateformes gratuites pour créer un blog gratuit (+ Tutoriel)
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E-Commerce Shop

This is a perfect follow up to a blog where you will utilize what you learned previously and even more, like user roles by having admins, moderators.

You can give your website a layer of product validation before it gets posted for sale.

It’s Better if you can create multi-seller store but it’s more complex. But still this can be a good template for your future freelance future.

* A Course On Creating E-Commerce Shop is coming Soon.

A Quick Guide to Ecommerce Website Design | SOFTLOFT
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Beautiful Interactive Portfolio

Well if you don’t have a portfolio to put your work than you are doing yourself a disservice.

Having a well made and good looking portfolio is a very good to enter the market.

Now that you have 2 projects you can also listing the skills you know, the certificates you have can get you a long way.

3 Interesting Projects

Terminal Vending System

This can be used to sell multiple items. Preferably write extensible code so that you can change the items you sell.

This project will definitely catch the eyes of employers. Especially if you are applying to a company that sells products.

Example : Transportation Ticket/Subscription Selling System

Arcavis - Die beste Kassenlösung - Swissmade Software
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Project Management Software

A Software that help you manage your projects.

Something like Trello, Project Manager or any other management software.

Project Management Software -
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Workout Plan Recommendation – using AI

This has many levels. First you need to already have data on what people prefer.

To get this you have to make a Workout plan Creator. Then when you have this data, you can create your AI Model.

Finally Integrate this Model Into your existing plan creator to help newer people create better workouts.

Training Plan Software for Gyms & Personal Trainers | Virtuagym


These are a few ideas that i thought would be cool, if you have any other ideas you may find interesting share them in the comments and i will be sure to include them next time.

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