How To Become a Better Software Developer ?

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How To Become a Better Software Developer ?


It’s not easy to become a developer, what’s even harder is how to become an even better developer.

In this blog posts we’ve taken a look at what experienced developers had to say about this, and compiled them here.

There are three aspects : Physical, Mental and Technical improvements that you can do to be better.

Improving Physically As A Developer


3 Reasons Working Out Helps with MENTAL HEALTH | KOA FITNESS
Source : KOA Fitness

We all know how bad is it for our health to stay multiple hours at a time looking at our computers.

Though it’s our job to do so, it is not our job to neglect our physical health.

That’s why i recommend every developer to try and workout at least twice on a busy week and more on any other week if possible.

It will massively improve your concentration, you will start to feel better, healthier.

Working out doesn’t mean you have to go to the Gym as There are many other ways to do so like running, playing sports, street workouts … etc.

Improve Your Typing

Don't copy-paste code. Type it out. 🔊 | by Fagner Brack | We've moved to | Medium

What makes a great developer is his/her ability to write code fast.

These days a lot of experienced developers recommend programming languages with faster write time rather than languages with faster compile time.

Thanks to all the technological advancements the difference between languages at compile time is less noticeable than the time it takes to create a project.

We Recommend that you practice typing using famous speed testing websites or even by trying other keyboards.

I Personally feel myself writing faster on a mechanical keyboard than on my laptops keyboard.

Though i don’t use it because it is heavier than my laptop (For Real) and makes a lot of sound.

** We’ll be doing a post about mechanical keyboard recommendations – when it’s done link will be here.

Improving Mental Health


7 Tips for Teaching Curiosity in the Classroom | Teach Starter

When Faced with a new experience always ask questions. Though you don’t want to be annoying about it.

If you face a new problem, that you weren’t able to solve don’t be afraid to ask people more experienced than you.

Always be curios about things. Why does it work ?. Why it didn’t work ?. How to know the source of the problem?.

Always ask meaningful questions.

Organization And Self Discipline

Work Time at Clock, Business Deadline Concept Vector Illustration. Flat  Time Management at People Character Job Design Stock Vector - Illustration  of people, laptop: 205690958

Always have a goal in mind, even if it’s temporary you must always have something to push you forward.

Organization can help you plan out everything to reach that goal.

For that you can use organization tools like a calendar or even organization software. And never go into something without thinking about the consequences whether good or bad.

Having mini goals that you achieve faster can help you stay motivated and ambitious. But even with great ambition don’t forget to think things through and don’t be careless.


Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brainstorming and  programming in website photo by twenty20photos on Envato Elements

It’s very rare in medium-big companies that you will be working alone.

So always cooperate with others, share your problems and solutions. And don’t be afraid to work with others as you cannot become a better developer alone and that’s a fact.

Trust other people around, you are all working to achieve the same bigger goal. If you are in a managing position don’t loose your temper and give your people time.

Improving Technical Aspects

Focus On The Basics :

Always Focus on the basics, having strong knowledge in algorithms and data structures makes you able to learn any programming language.

Programming Languages Are All The Same, The Difference Between them is just the syntax

someone on YouTube probably

Solve problems. The more you solve the better your ability to know the origin of the issue is when dealing with bigger projects.

And Obviously when learning a programming language master all of it’s tricks so that you can use them in your code.

Anything that can be helpful like one line if statements :

A = (Condition)?(Res1):(Res2) 
// Which Replaces :
if (Condition)
   A = Res1
   A = Res2

Write Better Code

You can do this in two ways, first by writing understandable, testable and extensible code by following design patterns.

second by documenting your code. As it helps other people to understand your code when reading it.

Use The Documentation

Frameworks / Programming Languages Documentation Are gold mines that contain diamonds, sometimes you find what you are looking for and sometimes you don’t, and that’s where it’s up to you to find the real reasons behind the problem you are facing.

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