Software Developer – The First Steps to take

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Software Developer – The First Steps to take

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Programming is not easy, but that’s not what beginners want to hear, is it? being a great developer is a great goal, but you have to put in the work required.

In this blog post we will discuss the first steps that you have to take and the skills you have to master if you want to be a great software engineer.

I wouldn’t say I’m a good developer myself and that’s why I’m sharing these with you so that we all can improve.

Instead of just following the latest trends, learn these.

The First Steps For Every Developer

If you are not planning on going to college or getting a degree in computer science, here area list of things you should learn.

These skills are necessary, they might seem boring but having a good understanding of each one is a huge advantage.

Developer Things First

The Most important part of development is having a passion for it.

It’s going to be hard sometimes, maybe all the times, but if you stick with it long enough you will get what you deserve.

Learn How Computers Work

GIS Programming With Python - How Computers Work
Basic Computer Architecture

Learning how computers work. What each component does. How do these components interact with each other.

Though this won’t be a direct help in learning, it is still necessary to understand the basics.

Things like Multi-Core Processors, Multi-Threading, How does a computer share resources, are all taught when going to university.

Learning them on your own isn’t something difficult but it is beneficial.

Learn Algorithms And Data Structures

Newbie Programmers Al& ML ALGORITHMS DATA STRUCTURES 0OP HELLO WORLD MLAL  Expert Without Basic Knowledge? | Hello Meme on ME.ME
Developers Skipping The Basics

A lot of new developers skip through the basics and straight up go learn a new programming language without understanding the basics of programming itself.

This is what causes people to give up on learning new things once they know one language.

Having a good base to build up from is really important.

Select A Programming Language

21 Most Popular Programming Languages in the World (and where to learn them)
Programming languages

Now that you know the basics, you have to apply them, but before that you should apply it.

Choosing a programming language that is useful to learn for your future goals.

If you still don’t have a goal, you can choose C++ or C, they are very good to practice algorithms and data structures.

It is better to choose an Object Oriented Programming Language so that the next step is easier.

Learn Object Oriented Programming

The do's and don'ts of OOP
OOP Principles

Though it is not necessary, when working with a language like Java, C# or Any language that works with classes, having OOP nailed down is important.

This can also extend to other things like Design Patterns, Frameworks … etc

Solve Problems

You have theoretical knowledge, to gain experience you have to apply it.

You can go to any website that has programming exercises, something like hacker rank and practice.


Development is more than just learning the coolest and latest technologies and using it without understanding the basics.

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