Interesting Tech For Programmers From CES 2022

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Interesting Tech For Programmers From CES 2022

This year’s CES has been one of the most interesting ones in a long while, obviously there was the good, the bad and the amazing.

In this blog post i will talk about the tech i found to be interesting for developers like you and me.

Samsung Odyssey Ark :

This insane new display from Samsung was such an interesting concept this year, and especially for programmers imagine having 3 screens in one screen.

Having your code shown from the start to the 300th line, or even showing multiple code files and multiple code editors.

Imagine the multi-tasking possibilities for something like this.

This monitor has a 55″ 16:9 4K Screen.

Honestly this would be such a good monitor for a developer, but until we know its price we can’t say it’s a must buy for sure.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3

ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 Hands On Review: A Laptop Unlike Any Other | Digital  Trends

Looking back at CES 2022 this was the most interesting product of them all, a laptop with a wide screen and even a second screen to the right of the keyboard.

This looks very promising and if i can get my hands on one of those i would definitely use it for everyday work.

The thing that it lacks in an AMD processor and it could have been easily a 10/10.

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